• Three Month Liberatory Research & Evaluation Intensive

    Are you a professional evaluator, researcher, or consultant?


    Do you utilize evaluation and research to make funding decisions?


    Are you a scholar who is looking for critical research practices?



  • This space is for you. Join us in January 2023 for deeper learning and interrogation into our roles and approach to research and evaluation. Learn how to practice liberatory research, decolonize your methods and practices, & examine power and privilege.

    Each month, participants will receive:

    Digital resources (articles, podcast episodes, videos) which will help you re-evaluate the way you use/produce evaluation and research findings, conduct your work and engage with research participants or grantees. 

    A Reflection exercise linked to that month's package of digital resources. These exercises will allow you to critically unpack how ingrained biases, privilege, and extractive practices are impacting research and evaluation. 

    Exclusive live discussions (with special guests!) to go deeper into the month's theme. 


    How will the course be run? Each month, you'll be sent a curated package of resources. These packages include articles, media, and reflection questions. The questions are intended to challenge your assumptions about evaluation, research, and knowledge production and are the highlight of the intensive. You will also receive calendar invites to our monthly virtual reflection sessions beginning in late November. 

    What is the time commitment? We estimate 1-2 hours a week in terms of time commitment. With that said, it really depends on how deeply you review the materials and reflection questions. We encourage you to schedule a set time to engage with the materials so you aren't rushing before the monthly call. 

    Will we have access to other participants during this process? Every intensive participant will have access to our group platform. Your questions, concerns, and reflections can be shared in a safe space with your cohort members who are on this journey with you. Additionally, the monthly virtual meet ups provide another opportunity to regularly connect with other participants. 

    When are the meeting times? January 26,  February 16, March 16 at 7:30est

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    Class platform opens 1/1/23!