• Let's co-create a space to examine power & liberation in research & evaluation while amplifying BIPOC perspectives.


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    Free and fee-based workshops and learning modules for anyone who engages with research and evaluation and wants to examine their own biases, decolonize their methods, and contribute to changing their institutions' internal and external research & evaluation practices.


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    All in one place

    A growing open-source repository of liberatory research tools, theory, articles, and other media such as videos, interviews, and stories that help members critically assess their own practices and create knowledge that supports social justice.

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    We can't do this alone!

    Our community is currently only open to our e-course alumni but will be public in the fall of 2024. Our virtual space fosters collaboration and relationships among members, especially BIPoC folks who are the minority in the research field and who need additional support while implementing practices that promote research justice.

  • Start your 7-day practice for self-inquiry.

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    Becoming a liberatory researcher starts when we commit to turning our gaze back on ourselves.
    Start the practice today and join our next e-course to go deeper.
  • What would be possible if we came together to liberate research from the constraints of inequity?

    -Dr. Zuri Tau, Founder and Lead Facilitator

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